• Barracuda Mullet Net (1.4 lb/ft)

Barracuda Mullet Net (1.4 lb/ft)

The Barracuda Mullet Net

Some think a cast net is a cast net, that is not true for Barracuda brand nets.  A Barracuda cast net is the finest cast net in the world. We have put more research and development, underwater testing, slow motion video and true craftsmanship behind these nets than most rod builders do for a top of the line fishing pole. You will find our nets to throw better, sink faster and last longer than any other net available today. Our Mullet nets are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship at the time of purchase.


The Mullet Nets feature:

  • 6 panel construction
  • Custom extruded, ultra strong premium monofilament
  • Heavy duty selvage at the lead line & horn
  • Ultra soft and thick 30' hand line
  • Big 3.25" subdivided horn to keep your braille lines perfect
  • 100 lb braille lines
  • Super duty 12/0 swivel
  • 1.4 lb per foot of lead
  • Higher braille line count than industry standard
  • Rope handle bucket


*The limited lifetime warranty does not apply to mullet nets.*


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