• Premium Bait Fish Chum - 4lb Bag
  • Bait Fish Chum (4lb Bag)

Bait Fish Chum (4lb Bag)

Boca Coast is a Florida company that has developed a superior Bait Fish Chum for Cast Netting. Boca Coast Bait Fish Chum attracts live bait in Saltwater and Freshwater. 
  • Sinks fast, then floats back to surface and suspends
  • Proprietary blend of several oils that attract bait fish
  • Does not require mixing or adding water
  • Separates bottom feeding fish (pinfish) from Bait Fish (whitebait)
  • Distributes chum throughout water column 3 times
  • Brings Bait Fish up off the bottom for easier cast netting
  • Works 3X faster than regular fish food chum


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