Ltd. Lifetime Warranty

Registration of your  Barracuda Cast Net is required within 30 days of purchase. The serial number is provided on the warranty card inside of your bucket. The warranty is not valid if the registration has not been completed.


The quality of every Barracuda Cast Nets combined with the warranty is our promise to not just earn a spot in your gear, but to keep it. All Barracuda Cast Nets have a 30-day guarantee to be free from major defects in our material and workmanship. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers anything and everything except total net loss. If you ever rip, tear, or completely destroy your Barracuda Cast Net we will replace it one time at 50% off current MSRP without an expiration date. Custom coloring is not included in the warranty and will be charged again on warranty claims.

Making a claim is simple: Fill out the warranty claim form on our website and we will email you an invoice for your replacement net at 50% off of current retail. You will then need to return the Horn (the big plastic circle at the top of the net) and the Lead Line (the black line with the lead weights tied to it) to our warehouse. Once the invoice is paid and your horn and lead line are returned your new net will ship out. If your net type is unavailable we will offer you the closest option or contact you when it becomes available again.