Ltd. Lifetime Warranty

The quality of every Barracuda Cast Nets combined with the warranty is our promise to not just earn a spot in your gear, but to keep it. All Barracuda Cast Nets have a 30-day guarantee to be free from defects in our material and workmanship in addition to our Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers anything and everything except total net loss. If you ever rip, tear or destroy your Barracuda Cast Net we will replace it at 50% off MSRP, up to three times forever, without an expiration date.

It’s Simple: Return the Horn (the big plastic circle at the top of the net) and the Lead Line (the black line that the weights are tied to) to any Barracuda Authorized Dealer or to us directly (call, email or online). We will replace the product with the exact Cast Net (length, mesh size and weight) for half the cost.

It’s REQUIRED to register your Barracuda Cast Net within 30 days of purchase with the serial number provided on the warranty card inside of your bucket.