How To Throw A 12-Foot Cast Net Without Using Your Mouth | Luke @ Salt Strong

Want to be able to throw a 12-foot cast net without using your mouth? Want to throw a perfect pancake with your big cast net?

To see the full blog post from our friends at Salt Strong on how to throw a 12-foot cast net perfectly without using your mouth, click here:

In this cast net video, Luke Simonds from Salt Strong shows the step-by-step instructions on how to throw a big 12ft cast net the right way. He ever puts colored tape so you can see exactly where each piece of the net should land. This also helps prevent mistakes you might make when throwing a cast net.

Who is Salt Strong?

Salt Strong was founded in January of 2015 by two incredibly passionate anglers named Joe and Luke Simonds. The two brothers sold their financial marketing business in 2014 to pursue a dream that they have had for over a decade… “To help the world catch more fish in less time.” The Salt Strong brothers use their love of fishing combined with their ability to teach and entertain, to disrupt how salt-water fishing is taught, shared, and enjoyed around the world. Catch more fish or it's FREE! Check out all of our saltwater fishing tips here: